About Us

Here’s What We’re All About

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If you’ve ever asked yourself

  • I am small entrepreneur and not earning much. How can I increase my earnings?
  • I’m depleting resources/personal savings. How do I make my business sustainable?
  • I’m not comfortable with finance programs, software or spreadsheets. How important is this and can I do it?
  • I hate spending time on business planning. How can I create a viable business?
  • There is so much information out there. Can someone just tell me what I should be focusing on?
  • I’m too busy running my business. How do I find the time to create a strategic plan for my business?

Or, if you just want to find out if the business idea you’re so excited about will meet your goals….

You’re in the RIGHT place!

Here’s How Trilojee Can Help Your Business Earn More

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What trilojee achieves?

Trilojee is an earnings program that helps entrepreneurs plan their business and make valuable income producing decisions for it.

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How do we do this?

By offering software that adapts to even the smallest businesses. We first clarify the income potential of your current idea or business, and then offer the strategies using our 3 step process to address your current results and needs.

As your business evolves, so will the guidance!

Why choose trilojee

Trilojee provides entrepreneurs of varying strengths with the personalized tools and guidance to unlock their business’s full growth potential.

Unlike other conventional products and services, Trilojee recognizes that entrepreneurs are as unique as their businesses and will gravitate towards the areas that appeal most to them.

If your strength is in logic and planning, Trilojee can help you find the creative vision you need to make your business unique. Likewise, if your strength is working on the creative or social aspect of your business, Trilojee can help you build the business structure needed to enjoy healthy earnings.

Who we are

Trilojee was founded by a passionate team of entrepreneurs and professionals brought together by the core belief that every business providing real value deserves a chance to thrive.

Nick D’Alessandro


Nick’s commitment to helping entrepreneurs achieve financial success is the reason Trilojee was born – and the reason he is excited to start each day.

Deborah D’Alessandro


Deborah helped to develop the Trilojee concept – and it’s a big reason why Trilojee exists today. Her vision is to give low-earning, passion-driven entrepreneurs a chance to break through their present revenue barriers.

Simon Crann

Creative Advisor

Simon helped to make Trilojee a truly unique experience for our customers. His creative ideas were the inspiration behind a large part of our software design.

Sheikh M. Rahman

Senior Financial Advisor

Sheikh developed Trilojee’s financial tool before it was converted into a web-based product. His expertise has helped create the financial elements and structure that exist today.

Milena Przheska

Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, Milena was instrumental in fine-tuning the financial experience for the Trilojee Earnings Program. She is a big asset to our team and always strives for excellence.